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Mecklenburg County Utilities and Services


Duke Energy  800-600-3853.

Matthews: Union Power Cooperative  1-800-794-4423
Davidson: Energy United  1-800-522-3793
Pineville: Pineville Electric, 704-889-2292
Corneilus: ElectriCities, 704-948-0550
Huntersville: ElectriCities, 704-948-0550 or Energy United, 704-892-0278
Concord: City of Concord Electric, 704-786-6161
Union County: Union Power, 704-289-3145

Natural Gas

        Piedmont Natural Gas  1-800-752-7504 

Davidson: PSNC Energy, 704-662-9460

Corneilus: PSNC Energy, 704-662-9460
Concord: Public Service NC, 1-877-776-2427
Lake Wylie Area: York Natural Gas Authority, 1-803-222-7218

Water & Sewer

The City of Charlotte Department 704-336-2211 or dial 311. 

Matthews: Carolina Water Services of NC, 1-800-525-7990
Davidson: Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utilities, 704-336-2211
Union County: Union County Public Works, 704-283-3819
Concord: City of Concord Water Department, 704-786-6161
Lake Wylie Area: Carolina Water & Sewer, 704-525-7990


The City of Charlotte 704-366-2673 or 311.

Matthews: Solid Waste, 704-847-3640

Davidson: Republic Services, 704-393-6900
Pineville: Town of Pineville, 704-889-2001
Corneilus: Republic Services, 704-393-6900
Huntersville: Advanced Disposal, 704-596-9428
Concord: City of Concord Solid Waste Services
Union County: Action Garbage 704-821-7578
Lake Wylie Area: Carolina Water & Sewer 704-525-7990

Telephone Service Providers
       BellSouth  1-888-757-6500.
       Davidson: Cable/Phone/Internet, M-I Connection, 704 660-3840

Pineville: Town of Pineville, 704-889-2291
Corneilus: Comcast, 1-800-934-6489
Huntersville: Comcast, 1-800-934-6489

Windstream: 704-847-9101
BellSouth: 1-888-757-6500

Internet, Cable and Satellite Providers

Time Warner Cable: 704-377-9600

DirecTV: 1-888-777-2454
Dish Network: 1-888-825-2557

If you are buying a home, you will have to switch the utilities on your name after the settlement date.

If you are selling your home then you need to transfer the utilities at the new address.

For your help the numbers are provided below.

Questions about utilities and services in Mecklenburg County can be answered by calling 311.